Why Choose NCI?

Who We Are & What We Are About

Local Customer Service

We are here for you. Drop By! We love to meet our customers in person.

No Data Caps

We do not believe in limiting your internet connection. Use it as much as you would like!

No Price Increases

Over the years we have tried to keep the same pricing, only the speeds have increased.


We are here to help! Whether it’s moving an installation time, or moving a billing date we will work with you to the best of our ability.

Guaranteed Speeds

We guarantee the speeds you pay for, no less.

Who We Are Not

An International Corporation

We will not send you to an automated machine for answers, everyone who takes care of your connection is in house.


There will be no unexpected charges on your bill for going over a data limit.


We will not have hidden charges or any deception about our services. We are honest and upfront with our customers.


When scheduling a service, we use specific times, not a broad range of time, so there’s no waiting around for hours for somebody to show up.

Maintenance Dependent

We own our own towers and keep them under constant monitoring. If something goes wrong we can fix it right away.

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