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What areas are eligible for your service?

We have services available in Okanogan, Grant, Douglas, Chelan, and Ferry Counties. If you are not sure if you can receive services click the button below to fill out a Site Survey Request form. We will evaluate whether or not you are in a service area.

What is the process for signing up?

The first step is to request a free Site Survey. Once we receive this request we will send a technician to your address to make sure you have line of sight to one of our towers.

You can contact us online through our website, or you can message us through email or through our Facebook page. You can also call or come into the office to request a Site Survey.

Once we have surveyed your address and it is determined we can get you service, we will give you a call to set up a time for installation.

*Please be prepared to sign our one year contract at the time of installation.

I am renting, do I need permission from my landlord to install the Internet?

Yes, we do require written permission from the landlord in order to install internet.

This permission may be in the form of an email, or it can be a signed letter that is given to the technician at the time of the installation.

If no landlord permission is received by the date scheduled for installation, we may need to reschedule your appointment

What is involved in the Installation?

The Installation process is as follows:

The wireless equipment will be mounted on the outside of the building. Four 1 3/8 inch lag bolts are used to secure the equipment on the outside of the structure.

Up to 100 feet of Cat5 Ethernet cable will need to be secured to the outside with cable fasteners every 2 to 3 feet. The cable must be completely secured to the building.

One hole will be drilled in an exterior wall of the building for the cable to enter the premises. A plastic bushing is inserted in the hole to protect the cable and then sealed with silicone caulk to keep moisture and other materials out. From this entry point, the cable will be pulled inside the building.

Once pulled inside, the cable will connect to a power supply (PoE) that is also connected to a power outlet.
Another cable will connect a wireless router (or computer) to the power supply.

*NCI Datacom is a licensed and bonded low voltage contractor. Cabling and equipment will be installed professionally and neatly.
*In the event of a cancellation, the outside equipment will be removed from the premises. The PoE is to be returned to the office.

Do I need a Wireless Router?

A wireless router is not necessary to receive internet from us. Without a wireless router, you will only be able to connect one computer to the internet (a tablet or phone will not be able to connect).

A wireless router enables multiple devices to connect at any given time. You can purchase a router from any retail store, or you can purchase one from us. A wireless router is not included in the installation price.

Does your internet support video and audio streaming?

Yes both our Wireless and Fiber internet supports video and audio streaming. Our smallest package is 3 Mbps download / 1 Mbps upload. Customers with this package may experience some buffering while streaming or with multiple devices online, but a higher package should have no problems in that scenario.

What kind of Internet Services do you offer?

At NCI Datacom we offer Swift-Stream High Speed Wireless and Fiber Internet. We also have access to the extensive Okanogan PUD WiFi system that is available throughout Okanogan County.

Swift-Stream High Speed Wireless Internet utilizes a wireless connection between your home and our towers. With packages starting at $35, Swift-Stream High Speed Wireless Internet is perfect for families big or small. Please submit a free Site Survey to see if this service is available in your area.

Swift-Stream Fiber Internet utilizes a fiber optic cable connection between your home and our servers. With Swift-Stream Fiber Internet, a stronger and faster connection is available which means there’s no more waiting around for online videos and games to buffer. Please call us at (509) 826-0300 to request a quote for this service.

What is the difference between Swift-Stream Wireless Towers and Okanogan PUD WiFi Towers?

There are several differences between the two systems.

Swift-Stream Wireless Towers are owned by NCI Datacom. So if something goes wrong with one of our towers we are able to see the problem all the way through and ensure that it is taken care of. If the PUD WiFi towers are down, we are limited with the amount of troubleshooting we can do until the problem has to be passed on to the PUD.

We are able to fully monitor our towers and equipment to ensure that your internet is secure. The PUD WiFi towers are not available to us for such monitoring, thus we are limited in what we can troubleshoot.

Customers who choose to pay their bills quarterly and annually receive a discounted price when connected to Swift-Stream towers; unfortunately we can’t offer that discount to PUD customers.

At NCI Datacom we are able to guarantee our speeds, so you will always be getting the speeds you are paying for. The PUD Speeds are “up to” which may result in varied speeds that we may not be able to fix for you.

Is there a contract?

We do require a one year contract for all of our Wireless Internet services. However, after the first year is complete you are not required to sign another contract and may continue your internet service month to month.

A contract is also required for Swift-Stream High Speed Fiber service through Okanogan County. This contract is considered binding the day it is signed.

Fiber internet through other counties carries no contract.

*Early Termination fees do apply.

How do I pay my bill?

There are several ways to pay your bill.
Credit Cards/Debit Cards: Over the phone, in the office, or online through our Customer Portal.
Cash: In the office
EChecks: Over the phone, or online through our Customer Portal.
Checks: In the office or by mail

What happens if I am late on my payment?

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and payments are late. If this occurs there will not be a late fee. If your payment has not been received 14 days after it is due, we will issue a late statement.

If there is still no payment received 30 days after the due date, the account will be put on hold and access to the internet denied until payment is received.

We will not deactivate your connection for non-payment without attempting to contact you, either with paper or email late statements.

What is your usage policy?

At NCI Datacom we believe you should be able to use as much internet as you need. This means we do not have a usage cap. You will not find your connection throttled because you watched too many movies!

Do you have a referral program?

We would love for you to refer us! We will even give you a discount for doing it. For each referral that is able to receive service from us, you will get a free month of service for yourself.

Am I getting the speeds I pay for?

At NCI Datacom we guarantee the speeds on our Swift-Stream Wireless and Fiber Internet*. We do not offer “up to” speeds. If you feel your speeds are slower than they should be, feel free to take a speed test or call us. We have our Support Team on standby to help ensure you receive the internet service you are paying for.

*Please note, Okanogan PUD WiFi internet speeds are provided on a best effort basis and are not guaranteed.
*When taking a speed test, please ensure that there are no other devices online at that time.

How do I check my internet speeds?

Feel like your connection is slower than it should be? Click here to test your speeds. If they are slower than they should be, give us a call we will fix the problem for you.

Can I put my Internet on hold for the winter?

Yes. If you’re taking an extended vacation or going somewhere warm for the long cold winter, we understand there’s no point in paying for something you’re not using. Just give us a call and we can put your account on hold for the time you are going to be gone. When you get back, call us to reactivate the connection. It’s as simple as that!*

*Accounts that are still within a contract are not eligible for Vacation Hold. For wireless accounts, this consists of the first year of service. After the first year, the account may be put on hold.

*Customers on PUD WiFi will have to pay a fee to put the account on hold.

*Only wireless accounts can be put on Vacation hold. Fiber accounts are not eligible to do so.