NCI Datacom was founded by John Andrist in 1997. The company started out with three employees working inside the local radio station, which was purchased by John not long before. Even in its early stages, John knew internet was the next and upcoming technology. John saw the need for internet in the community, and started providing customers in the Omak area with internet services.

Since then, the NCI has grown from three employees to upwards of twenty. What started out as a very small local business, providing dial up internet to a few local customers, has now grown into a thriving business providing internet services for customers in several counties.

NCI Datacom has partnered with the Okanogan PUD to bring additional services to even more customers across Eastern Washington. We now offer services in Okanogan, Chelan, Douglas, Ferry, and Grant Counties.

Though NCI Datacom has been growing steadily, we have not lost sight of what is important in a local business. Personal and business ethics have become the foundation for NCI, and have set us apart from our competition. We pride ourselves on the friendly atmosphere and attentive service our customers experience while dealing with us. We are dedicated to doing the right thing, being honest with our customers, and ensuring quality services.

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