Business Services

Swift-Stream Wireless Internet

Swift-Stream Wireless Internet utilizes a wireless connection between your business and our towers. This is an excellent way to extend reliable high speed internet service to rural areas in our community. With packages starting at just $37, Swift-Stream Wireless Internet is perfect for businesses big or small.

Swift-Stream Fiber Internet

Swift-Stream Fiber Internet utilizes a fiber optic cable connection between your business and our servers. Fiber Internet is an excellent way to provide service in populated areas. With Swift-Stream Fiber Internet, there’s no more waiting around for Skype calls or video conferences to load. Click here to see if Swift-Stream Fiber Internet is what you need to keep your business growing.

Swift-Stream Business Phone

Swift-Stream Telephone is a Voice over IP (VoIP) service. This means it utilizes your Swift-Stream Internet to connect your phone to rest of the world. With unlimited local calls (and a generous allowance of long distance minutes) keeping in touch with customers has never been easier.

Enterprise Services

Swift-Stream offers various enterprise services to meet your growing needs. Whether you need a private VLAN to connect locations, or network cabling, chances are we can help! Contact us for more information.

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